Villa Pisani

Yesterday I went to my son, remain with the child is a marvel, chatting continuously.

granny play with spinning tops?
granny make a snack with me?
granny stay and sleep here?

And this granny is touched and hugs him tight and gets on the floor to play with him and teases him and he pretends to be offended and then we laugh together.

We can not explain to anyone who does not have a grandson: the children are the continuation of our life, grandchildren are the future, a leap forward that brings our very existence where alone we could never get.

Yesterday with him and Valentino we went to a beautiful place, a place where I had gone from child and then other times only on the outside.

(and shame on Luisa, I never took there my son, even though we lived 2 km away).

The Villa Pisani, which is called the Royal Palace by those who live around there, has now been restored and the park is very beautiful, we did the maze to the central tower, walk around the local boulevards, along the huge bathtub with water lilies and mallards (plated Pau .. but that’s another story ..).

beautiful 🙂

As long as I was there I thought to Klara and how she would like.

if I can, when she comes in Italy, will take her to see, I promise.


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