Klara ..i feel so sorry but, I think you can understand.

Walter and I were talking last night in room, sometimes it happens.
And sometimes it happens that we talk about things that have to do with us, our land, our history and our experiences.
Things we have in common by the fact that we are born with (relatively) few miles away, we’re the same age, and we think in a similar way.

You know that in Italy we have many languages, many dialects, I have no idea if in your Country is the same or not.

Often it happens that when we talk about me and him we use words that you don’t find in Google translator, because are simply our language and if we talk about me and him we use it.

In most, we talked about music, not just Italian but dialect one.
To be precise dialect of Trieste, which is very close to mine, and that Walter knows a bit.

It is inevitable to use words that, for those who translates and tries to understand, become incomprehensible.

I’m sorry, I’ve often said that if you show us you’re there we go to English, and that’s what we did.

Walter told you the place where he went and how it was.

We know that you do your best, we try, too, we all must have a little patience if we want to understand each other.

It also happens when you read (and translate) what I write here.

I, almost always, try to translate what I wrote, i want to see what you will read, and it often happens that Google writes different things (eg nephew instead of grandson).

I can’t imagine with the translation to dutch… may God help us !!

I’m sorry, I can’t do nothing about, does’nt depend on me.

I write in my blog (almost always) in Italian, does’nt come naturally write in English and I don’t think it would be fair.

I write what I feel in my heart and my heart beats in my language, it would’nt be the same thing for me.

This is’nt a diary, is a way to exprime what i feel, in different situations.

The difference is thin, but there is.

I’m sorry that you suffer for it. 

I hope that you will read here today. 

I will not come into the room before tonight, I have a thousand things to do at home, tomorrow I leave for Milan and I have to pack my begs, cool the things to put, in addition to the things of every day.

To answer: no, I have’nt a new look, yesterday there was no time, and no, I did’nt go to my son, he had a commitment and was not at home. It will be for next time.

I would tell you also: I love you, dear friend, even if I don’t say it.

I’m sorry, is’nt part of my way of being and I cannot (and will not) change me, is what I am.

But i hope you know that the same: gedag mijn vriend 🙂

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