This year’s first birthday gift came early, and it was a wonderful gift.

Klara 🙂

Klara who is a dear friend, and it is in the true sense of the word.

Klara has a heart as big as the world.

Klara who understands, Klara who knows.

Klara makes me feel her love in a thousand ways, all those possible with 1400 km away, another language, another story.

But for me she is always there!

She told me about a week ago that she had sent a packet and neither was in the skin.

I was curious, I wondered what could have ever sent, and I was worried that she did too.

She could not wait for the package to arrive, as if afraid that there was something that I would’nt have liked.

And the parcel has arrived, bringing with it a little piece of Holland.

And a lot of love, almost tangible.

I couldn’t believe my eyes: cheese, the stroopwaffels, Nederland flags, Gouda candle, ceramic clogs to hang, chocolates.

And a DVD with a lot of music I was looking for… and especially the card, the words.

And finally .. a wonderful thought that only she and I know.

I … I don’t know what to say, just a huge THANK YOU !

I know I’m lucky, a lot.

I am lucky to have met people like her in my life, that fill my heart with their love, that know how to hold my hand in difficult times, that give me so much.

And I feel a little guilty , I know I really don’t deserve them.

Thanks Klara … I love you

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