Out today is by respiratory failure …
By shopping, especially exit Esselunga with its beautiful air conditioned, I was reminded the ARO I had learned to use a thousand years ago to the course diving
Auto Oxygen Respirator
Mouthpiece, valves and tubes, storage pocket for the exchange of air and small oxygen tank ….
(I know that is rarely used now, even if it allows deeper than the cylinders classic …
they told me that if the mix of oxygen / nitrogen is not perfect can cause embolisms or deep thrill … if I remember correctly …
35 years have passed ….)
The air was warm broth and as heavy as lead
I came home sweaty almost worse in recent days that there were 35 °


and at this moment I don’t care if when it rains there will be an half hurricane, hail and wrath of God
(as is the case with these high temperatures for a long time) …
I’m tired, tired of being hot, tired of sweating at every movement
tired of having shortness of breath, the dizziness and nausea, palpitations and the pressure falls, plunging me to the level of the mat …
I’m tired of sleeping half naked, without even a sheet
I want to roll myself in a blanket with only my nose out …
I want to warm up because I decide, not like living in an oven
uhm … incipient dementia: (

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