Humilitas Humanitas

Humilitas Humanitas
Amat Pacem Phidias Amat Pacem

Ratio Ama Rationem
Egosum Pastor Bonus, Pastor Bonus

Whatever the cost
Whatever I do
No matter my fate
I know that you will always
Pull me through
Everything is possible with you

Pasce Agnos Meos Agnos
Libera Nos Amator Paupertatis

Wherever I go
Wherever you are
The peace you bring
It’s lifting me so far
Now I see
It’s a miracle

So hush now
Forgive me all the secrets
All the lies
Hold me
Everything is holy now you’re mine
You bring me home

Fateor Manus Do Vobis
O Sit Nomen Domini Benedictum …

You have made me see
That whatever the cost
Whatever I do
Whatever my fate
I know that I will always count on you
You made me see

Oh hush now
Forgive me all the secrets
And the lies
Hold me
And deep within the mystery of your eyes
I am home at last

Pax Humilitas Humanitas Deus
Pax Intrantibus Salus Exeuntibus
Pax Intrantibus

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